The Thackeray Estate | Our Projects
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Our Projects

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  • Offices
  • Other
  • Residential
  • Retail
25 Eastcheap
City of London, Offices, Retail
33 Eastcheap
City of London, Offices, Retail
39 Eastcheap
City of London, Offices, Retail
Broad Street
Reading, Berkshire, Retail
Castle Club
Fulham, Other
Cheyne Terrace
Chelsea, Residential
City Arcade
Worcester, Retail
Commercial Street
Leeds, Retail
Dimes Place
Hammersmith, Offices, Residential
Dover House
Waterloo, Residential
City of London, Offices, Retail
Friar Street
Reading, Berkshire, Offices, Retail
Guildford High Street
Guildford, Retail
Kensington Square
Kensington, Residential
Market Buildings
Cardiff, Offices, Retail
Queen Victoria Street
Reading, Offices, Retail
St Helier
Jersey, Retail
Station Road
Reading, Offices, Retail
The Filaments
Wandsworth, Retail
Wandsworth, Residential, Retail