Planning permission for Grade II listed care home
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Planning permission for Grade II listed care home

Planning permission for Grade II listed care home

Planning permission has been granted to develop a Grade II listed building in Fulham, London, into a state-of-the-art care home.

The Castle Club building near Hurlingham Park will be converted into a 33-bed facility for the elderly who need 24/7 nursing care.

“Currently, the demand for care homes in central locations remains largely unmet,” said a release by The Thackeray Estate, which specialises in regenerating heritage sites into mixed-use developments.

“There is a clear lack of high-quality care homes in desirable locations, with most modern facilities being located in characterless developments out of town,” said Charles Thompson, director at Thackeray Estate.

“We believe it is right that a site that has been a feature of the area for decades will once again be used to benefit the community, offering a wonderful place for people in need of care to enjoy in later life,” Thompson continued.

Richard Harris of BNP Paribas and David Kerr of Cushman and Wakefield have been appointed by the developer.

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